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board game bonanza

If Hurricane Irene was an unwelcome visitor in your household this past week, as it was in ours, you’ve probably played one board game too many. And if you are still experiencing the after effects of no electricity, you are more than ready to expand your horizons beyond the world of Scrabble and Go Fish. That’s why FURT couldn’t have arrived at a better time on our doorstep. This is one board game that you won’t mind playing over and over, and that will even enable some of the more…ahem, challenging people in your clan to take part in Family Game Night willingly. Got any of those teens who’d rather text than have you twist their arms to spend some time with you? Then FURT is for you (and them). The name alone had us wondering what this game is all about. Simply put, the object is for players to be the first to land inside the game’s volcano. Yup, you read that right: inside is where the winner’s circle is located. To get there, you roll the dice to complete all sorts of inane actions: think Charades meets Simon Says, with a twist of wackiness. We don’t know what’s more fun: talking like a robot (hey, I do that with my kids on a regular basis) or acting like a donut (not as easy as you might think). Regardless of what action you’ve “forced” to perform, FURT is all about having fun. You don’t have to show off your spelling skills or your amazing encyclopedic memory of all things movies. This game is meant to make you laugh and forget about your troubles. And when those lights do go back on–and they will, even if you don’t believe it–you’ll find yourselves returning to FURT sooner than you thought.

In a Nutshell: We love a good party game, especially after being stuck indoors because of Mother Nature. When there’s only so much Monopoly you can handle, hurry up and sell those hotels and move on over to FURT

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