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    When I was about 7 or 8, Strawberry Shortcake was one of my best playmates. Yes, there was a time when Barbie was pushed aside in favor of this sweet-smelling lass. My younger cousin and I asked Santa for her one Christmas and oddly enough, she received 2 dolls and I none. Clearly, Santa was having a senior moment, so my cousin graciously passed one doll on to me. And what a good mommy I was to Miss Shortcake:  I combed her hair, changed her clothes and took her on all sorts of adventures, from bike-riding to playing out in the backyard. (She could never truly be herself in that cramped-up strawberry, anyhow…) One of the things I never got around to doing with my best dolly, though, was something that I do  with my own daughters, and that’s have a music party. How utterly delightful that today, the Strawberry Shortcake Easy Recorder Songbook lets me take a walk down memory lane while my kids test out their own music-making skills. The book and recorder sets contains basic instructions for first-time players, and features a medley of songs (including “A Berry Happy Birthday”) with large print music notes. My 7-year-old reminds me that next year, she’ll be learning the recorder in music class. By then, with the help of Miss Strawberry herself, I expect no less than a virtuoso.

    In a Nutshell: Moms who remember the beloved scented doll from the 80s will be tickled pink over this latest Strawberry Shortcake incarnation.

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