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    I have fond memories of playing Go Fish with my grandma when we visited her during the winter in Florida. As I grew older, the game playing graduated to Boggle and then, because she was a good listener, we would just chew the fat about life in general. Even though Gram’s ‘s been gone more than 20 years now, I still think of our good times together. My own father passed away last summer, and my 7-year-old still talks about how the two of them fashioned pizzas and houses from Play-Doh over and over…precious memories that will last her a lifetime. Because the grandparent/grandchild bond often centers upon play, especially when kids are young, it’s a true wonder when you stumble upon things that help foster that relationship. GrandCamp Adventures helps bridge the world of play for a new generation of grandparents. Made up of entertaining storybooks, music and games, this collection is one that stands out for its brilliant packaging and amazing attention to detail in its game pieces. We think Longbeard’s Treasure Hunt especially takes the cake as an engaging board game that will delight both boys and girls alike, not to mention their grandparents. From the clever clue cards written in pirate lingo, to the blank action cards that enable players to work together when inventing one-of-a-kind moves, this unique game is never played the same way twice. Bet Gram wished the same could have been said for Go Fish…

    In a Nutshell: When yet another game of Crazy 8’s is driving you a bit…well, crazy, consider this new line of games that puts the “grand” in grandparent.

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