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    As a work-from-home mom, I sometimes miss the workplace environment: the camaraderie with my office mates, the feeling of accomplishment after a productive day and yes, even the day-old doughnuts (sigh…). After all, the incessant chatting of two little girls can’t outdo the IT guy who could talk a blue streak while fixing my PC . Whenever I need a little slice of the adult world, I tune into one of my favorite sitcoms, “The Office.” I can’t decide which character I enjoy the most–the ingenious Jim or the persistent Dwight or any of the others in between. And since I just learned that Jenna Fischer’s real-life pregnancy will be incorporated into the character of Pam, I’m as pleased as punch…and it’s not just because she’s my namesake. Because I can’t watch the show 24/7, it’s nice for an at-home mom like me to get her fix with The Office Kit. Packed with all the essentials that make Dunder Mifflin what it is, this kit can turn my plain old home office into a one that’s brimming with amusing memorabilia. From Michael Scott’s “World’s Best Boss” coffee mug, to magnets from Vance Refrigeration and Schrute Farms, I can pretend to be working even when I’m not. So, while I’m on hiatus from the water cooler chit-chat, I’ll just have to yuck it up with these guys. Here’s to having a window office and working in my PJs!

    In a Nutshell: A great gift for your favorite co-worker or the work-from-home parent who needs something on her desk other than broken crayons and Lego pieces, The Office Kit will give you a lift…when what you really deserve is a raise

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