• Last week, I took my 2 girls out for a bite at a kid-friendly restaurant near our home. My husband had evening plans and we were in the midst of a heat wave, so it seemed like a fine idea. I forgot how much 2 little girls can talk (both at the same time, mind you), but with a glass of Chardonnay, a bread basket full of warm pretzel sticks and coloring books for the little ladies, I was well-armed. While nibbling on our appetizer, I couldn’t help but notice a toddler at a nearby table who was having a ball. Much to his mother’s horror, he dipped every fry several times in ketchup before aiming them towards his mouth. Naturally, he missed his target more than once and before long, the table space in front of him looked like a war zone after a bloody battle. Keeping kids occupied before their food arrives is one thing; keeping them and the table relatively clean is quite another. The Neatnik Saucer is one mom’s solution to this dilemma. Having become increasingly frustrated about cleanliness while eating out with her new baby, she designed this portable product that is a high chair cover and baby playmat in one. The saucer comes in two parts: a chair liner that fits inside a standard restaurant high chair and a lightweight tray that fits over and suction cups to the table, giving your child a clean, secure play to eat, color and enjoy her meal. We favor the saucer’s extended sides that prevent food or small toys from dropping onto the floor–how many times can you play pick-up after all?–and that it wipes clean and folds up easily. I’m guessing the mom we saw at dinner would have benefited from the Neatnik Saucer; those fries fast became Unidentified Flying Objects.

    In a Nutshell: Less messy mealtimes are on the menu with this on-the-go feeding accessory. This is one saucer that’s out of this world.



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