• the next prince charming

    My 7-year-old kissed a frog the other day, but alas the little critter did not turn into a prince. My daughter was learning about different types of amphibians during camp and suddenly decided she wanted to kiss this “very cute frog.” I can see what possessed her; I wound up “meeting” this very frog during Parents’ Day and I must admit, he was awfully cute. When one of her counselors recounted the frog/prince story to her, she frowned and said “Yuck!” This is no damsel in distress, I tell you.  For those who long for their own happy ending, check out the latest incarnation of SqwishLand, the collectible characters that take a giant leap from vending machines and into toy stores. The new DIY SqwishLand lets collectors tap into their creative side by letting kids design their very own Sqwishland creature. This kit comes with either a SwishLand frog or parrot, six acrylic paints and paintbrush. Once your child is satisfied with her work, she can register her Squishie on an online gallery for all to see. Once a month, the SqwishLand community will vote on their favorite DIY design, which could ultimately appear on store shelves. As for my daughter, well, she’d much rather play with her frog Squishie than Prince Charming any day.

    In a Nutshell: There’s a new neighbor in SqwishLand. If you’ve got a crafty kid who’d love to design the next Squishie, visit DIY SqwishLand...and hop to it!

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