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    The first time I was pregnant, you couldn’t catch me within 20 feet of a camera. I refused to be photographed and so have no visual record of my expanding belly. By the time I had my second daughter, I was either as little less vain or not as militant about having my picture taken. For those expectant moms who relish documenting their growing tummy, and for people like me who in retrospect should have taken things a bit less seriously, come the oh-so-adorable Sticky Bellies. This line of removable stickers is just the thing for chronicling an ever-changing pregnant body. They affix easily to clothing, so you can stick one on your shirt, grab your camera and snap away. The Oh Sew Ready assortment comes with stickers for 12-40 weeks, enabling you to start marking those milestones as soon as you start  showing. The fun doesn’t have to end with your third trimester; there are also Oh Sew Adorable and Oh Sew Handsome stickers for baby girls and boys from birth-24 months, so you can show your little one just how much she grew. Of course, thanks to Sticky Bellies, now there’s proof that you did dress her up like a little bunny even when it wasn’t Halloween (or Easter). Ah, the humiliation we subject our kids to at such a tender age…

    In a Nutshell: Whether celebrating pregnancy milestones or each month of your new baby’s life, Sticky Bellies make a useful and unique baby shower gift.

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