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    To my 7-year-old, the name Mario is so much better than even the best Italian uncle (sorry, Bob). Rather, it’s a name that’s synonymous with her all-time favorite activity: playing Mario Kart Wii. Because my husband and I are forever trying to entice her with other playtime activities, imgaine our delight when K’NEX came out with its first-ever Mario Kart line of construction toys. We recently got our hands on the Mario vs. Goombas Building Set, and let’s just the afternoon fast became a spread-out-all-over on-the-floor experience. Right out of the box, she excitedly began snapping track pieces together. (Truthfully, I don’t know who was more psyched by this toy: her or her dad, another bona fide Mario Kart player). True to K’NEX’s name, the building options are practically endless, as they were able to configure and re-configure the track’s layout over and over. Because my daughter is already familiar with K’NEX’s Buggy Bot robot construction toy, she couldn’t wait to add the battery-powered motor to his Wild Wing Kart and watch Mario zip down the course, past the Goombas. If you have a resident Mario Kart fan (or two) in your home, this is one toy that will provide hours of play and a reprieve from virtual reality.

    In a Nutshell: Got Mario Kart Wii? Then round out your kid’s play with a construction toy that takes the popular console game from the small screen to the family room carpet.

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