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    One thing my girls love about warm weather? Outdoor art! Because I’m a spoilsport about doing messy crafting inside during the rest of the year, summertime means free rein on paints, Play-Doh and more once we can spend the better part of the day in backyard. One cool crafting compound that we’ve been psyched to get our hands on–literally–is WABA Fun’s Bubber. As much fun to say as it is to play, this stuff looks and feels like a confectionery from our local soda shop. Light as air, yet infinitely more colorful, it’s a welcome relief from the sticky clay that always manages to find a new home under little fingernails. I like that it works just as well making little balls, as it does making more elaborate sculptures. Bubber sticks to itself, so clean-up is easier than you’d expect. And because I’m always on the lookout for things both my girls, ages 7 and 3, can do together–especially now that school is out and we’re spending a lot of time under the same roof–I’m adding this compound to our list of outdoor crafting activities. Bubber is non-toxic, non-allergenic and best for ages 3 and up.

    In a Nutshell: For those who think Play-Doh is passe, it’s time to break out the Bubber.

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