• I must confess: In my younger days, I was a closet geologist. One summer on break from middle school, I became infatuated–no, make that obsessed–with all kinds of rocks and minerals. After a stint as a nature camp counselor, I could proudly rattle off the difference between sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic. I knew my quartz from my graphite, and eventually became a collector of many treasured finds. And no, it wasn’t because I was hoping to score a big, fat diamond someday. Now, I get to impart my learned wisdom (or whatever is left of it) to my daughters. Since studying rocks is hardly considered “sexy,” I love when I can stumble upon a educational product that can get my own juices flowing and, in turn, get my 7-year-old excited about science. The Everyday Uses Rock & Card Set is a wonderfully packaged, all-in-one-kit designed to teach your budding geologist about how certain substances play an important role in our lives. It comes with 12 rocks and minerals, along with 12 double-sided cards that feature kid-friendly facts. In our house, a lump of coal may have been designated for those on Santa’s naughty list, but did you know that it’s used mainly in making electricity? Those who really want to flex their muscles can study substances like malachite, bauxite and dolomite..feeling like a genius yet? I know I’m enjoying revisiting my youth…rock on!

    In a Nutshell: Rock nerds unite: here’s a great reason to dust off your old shoebox of backyard finds, and share your knowledge.

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