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    My youngest niece is about to celebrate her 13th birthday and, much to my sister’s delight (or is that a tear in her eye?), it marks the last big party for her baby who’s all grown up. While my niece and her pals never grow tired of a summertime sleepover, it always nice to jazz up the festivities a bit. Adding a modern twist to a classic kid favorite–and one that’s even sure to satisfy the attention of the tech-centered tween crowd–is Crayola’s Glow Chalk. This is not your mom’s sidewalk chalk, but rather a special kind that illuminates any driveway etching and street curb designs you can dream up. What I like about Glow Chalk is that it gets kids involved in the concoction, as well as the creativity. Party guests can help by mixing together the colored chalk powder, special glow activator (the stuff that makes the magic happen) and water. Then pour chalk into the mold tray and wait 30 minutes for it to set. After pizza and cake, and once the sun has set, make like Monet (or whoever your favorite artist may be) and get busy! This stuff really makes amateur artwork come to life…or should we say light? For an extra treat, take a photo of your friends’ masterpieces and e-mail it to them as a fun way to remember your awesome night.

    In a Nutshell: Catching fireflies is yesterday’s summertime treat; After-dark outdoor activities are seen in a whole new light with this glow-in-the-dark sidewalk chalk.

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