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king-sized cuddling

There’s just no getting around it: with the onset of hazy, hot and humid weather, I’m back to bathing my girls nearly every night–and that means more laundry for Mommy! When I take one look at my 7-year-old’s face after she steps off the school bus, her hair matted to her forehead and her cheeks as red as garden tomatoes, I can’t help but feel like a bath is the greatest cure-all to a hectic day. (And let’s not even get started on my preschooler whose dirty, grass-stained knees alone deserve a good scrubbing…) Since my date with the washing machine is more likeĀ  a permanent relationship (sigh), I figure I should at least be washing towels that get the job done: keep my kids dry and entertained, especially while one waits patiently for the other to get out of the tub. Just in time for all those extra baths–and of course, the days spent at the beach–comes an adorable array of hooded bath towels from ZOOCCHINI. Among the new styles are Jilly the Pink Giraffe and, our personal favorite, Elvis the Sock Monkey. As fans of The King, we know this monkey deserves his own spot in The Jungle Room…or at least the bathroom. These playful towels are generously sized at 20″ x 50″ and made from 100-percent cotton, making them a perfect after-bath companion.

In a Nutshell: From the beach to the bath, these extra plush, hooded towels are a must for summer. (Hey, if you’re going to have to do more laundry, it might as well be fun to fold!)

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