• How many adorable baby outfits have been ruined by strained peas that didn’t quite make it into your little one’s mouth? Don’t blame your finicky eater–or your less-than-stellar spoon-feeding skills. It’s those bibs that don’t exactly cover as much terrain they should. We’re partial to DaBib, a generously sized catch-all bib that keeps baby food off your baby, especially when it doesn’t quite make it into her tightly closed mouth. What makes this bib different from your basic ones is its soft collar that catches leaks and drips before they become a stain. The stay-put collar also prevents your little one from trying to yank the bib off over her head…and you know what that’s like. DaBib comes in two styles: DaHugs, a terrycloth bib for infants, and DaGiggles, a waterproof model for babies who have started eating solid food. With both versions, you’re sure to be prepared for strained peas…and beyond.

    In a Nutshell: A bib that looks pretty and keeps your baby’s food off her pretty dress? We’re sold.

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