• Brace yourselves: Today, I took both of my girls to the beach and we managed to return home with everything we brought, along with some sand, of course.  Armed with lunch, towels and a ton of beach toys, we were ready for a day of sun and fun….and for me, rescuing the requisite pail or hovel that always manages to tumble into a nearby stream that the girls love to play in, and inevitably wind up in the saltwater. (Can’t you just hear the cries of “Get it! Get it!”? I know they will haunt me in my dreams tonight.) At a moment when my daughters were play contentedly, I happened to look up and see a blue shovel floating by–one that didn’t belong to us. Because we were the only ones at the beach this day, I imagine it must have drifted over from a neighboring beach. Chasing after the shovel as it bobbed in the waves, I was able to retrieve it and passed it over to its new owners. The shovel was in perfectly good condition, but it got me to thinking about how many lost pails and shovels end up elsewhere over the course of a summer. Perhaps this very thought occurred to the makers of Zoe b Biodegradable Beach Toys. Developed by a mom looking to better environment for the future of her own family, this line of buckets, cups, geometric cut-outs and shovels are made from corn sugar. That means they’re designed to break down naturally over the course of a few years, as opposed to ordinary plastic, which can take hundreds. My girls don’t know–or care–what BPA means, but they do know what’s fun. How nice that we can all be satisfied from a great day at the beach.

    In a Nutshell: Biodegradable beach toys? Now you can do your part to protect the planet simply by building a sandcastle.

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