• On Day 2 of a super soaker rainy stretch, it’s hard to imagine we’ll soon be trading in this wet spring for sweltering heat. In my family, the hot summer sun is nothing to scoff at; my girls have unfortunately inherited my fair complexion and I make a point of slathering them in sunscreen so much that the sun’s damaging rays don’t stand a chance. Of course, when my little ladies aren’t under my wing and it’s time to re-apply the lotion, it helps to have a way to make this chore both convenient and not so involved, especially for kids. Sunbow Sunscreen Sun Sticks are handy, portable sticks that stow away easily in camp backpacks. Not only do they offer optimal protection with an SPF 45, but they come in kid-friendly designs (yellow formula featuring SpongeBob and pink in a Dora the Explorer motif). I used to roll my eyes at character-influenced products, but in this case, if it helps my 7-year-old remember to take her SpongeBob stick out of her bag and use it, I’m all for it.

    In a Nutshell: It may be OK for a sponge to soak up some rays, but when it comes to kids and the sun, the two work best in moderation–and with the proper protection. This sunscreen stick aims to keep kids covered, so they can enjoy the summer without the sunburn.

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