• ride em cowboy

    When my husband was a boy, he had a wooden rocking horse on which he happily rode off into the proverbial sunset. Well…not exactly, but I believe that horse had something to do with his signature sign-off, “Happy trails.”  Today, we have that same treasured horse in our own home, so our girls can rock to their hearts’ content. Among all their other toys, it stands out as a treasured childhood favorite and is in sharp contrast to the high-tech gadgets and brightly colored plastic playthings of today. If you’re a fan of the toys of yesteryear, you can step back in time with a classic favorite that returns to the modern world. Woody Rocking Horse is a simple, but elegantly designed rocker just begging for new riders to grab hold of its  reins. We love its fresh, clean look; green-minded moms will appreciate that this rocker is fashioned out of 100% birch tree from an approved harvested forest (that means all natural). Eco-friendly nomenclature aside, we know this is one toy that kids, parents and grandparents alike will enjoy. Cowboy-approved, too.

    In a Nutshell: Take a walk–or should we say, ride–down memory lane atop this rocking horse, destined to be a family heirloom.

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