• measure by measure

    My 7-year-old has her own tape measure; I kid you not. Maybe it’s because she expressed an early interest in home improvement, thanks to her handy father, and wanted to covet her own tool. When she’s not assisting her dad around the house, this tape measure has become a useful tool for her math homework when she can’t seem to locate her MIA ruler. This ingenuity got me to thinking about inventive ways to make math fun, and so I stumbled upon Inching Along. This clever board game makes the chore of using a ruler repeatedly a little less tedious. Set against a camping-themed backdrop (just in time for summer),  Inching Around has its players move around the board as they draw cards and solve coded math problems, ranging from simple addition/subtraction, to more complex equations. The universal tool? A yellow ruler with which to determine the number of spaces they are permitted to move. Once someone reaches the finish line (at 75 inches), they win. Inching Along is designed for 2-4 players, ages 5 and up.

    In a Nutshell: When it comes to engaging board games disguised as teaching tools, Inching Along truly measures up.




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