• Memorial Day weekend just can’t be complete without a good, old fashioned BBQ. Whether you played chef in your own backyard or were a guest at a friend’s or family’s gathering this weekend, you hopefully enjoyed what will be the first of many meals centered around the grill. And if there’s ever an American staple during a summertime feast, it’s the hotdog. We can’t seem to go to a ballgame without sampling one, and it’s always a favorite among the kiddies. In the spirit of the season, The Talking Walnut is holding a Hebrew National giveaway this week. We’ll be awarding 2 lucky winners 4 sets of coupons, each good for a free package of hot dogs. It’s a great excuse to stock up on plenty of dogs to get you through those impromptu, “it’s too hot to kick indoors, let’s grill” nights, or for any BBQ you have planned over the next few months. To whet your appetite, here’s a delish recipe for franks and beans that you can bring to a potluck dinner.

    In a Nutshell: Fire up the grill and enter to win these tasty dogs by e-mailing The Talking Walnut. Don’t forget the mustard and relish!



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