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    My 1st grader is so excited for her upcoming class trip to the aquarium, she can hardly contain herself. A recent trip to the local fish hatchery was enough to whet her appetite…now she’s ready for the big time! (Why do I foresee a follow-up trip to the zoo in the near future?)…It’s only natural that kids love animals. Think about it: they do what they please, eat without the use of napkins or utensils and spend their time either playing or sleeping. Did I mention that they can do what they please? When watching my girls play with their stuffed animals, they act out the silliest scenarios, so it only makes sense that they are drawn to playthings that mimic the very behavior they want to exhibit, be it wild or mild. The newest addition to the animal kingdom, Anamalz, is as fun to say as it is to play. Not only are these creatures incredibly flexible, so little hands can bend them into any and all positions, but moms will love their design. Crafted in a maple wood/cloth combination, Anamalz are eco-friendly, durable and stand up to hours of imaginative play. The line currently comes in a variety of different species–farm, prehistoric, wild and Australian–and also includes a playmat and other accessories. No aquarium creatures  just yet, but that doesn’t mean my kids–and yours–can’t envision the next animal kingdom.

    In a Nutshell: It’s a jungle out there…your kids can embrace their wild side with these well-made poseable pals.

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