• Baby monitors have come a long way since the days of scratchy walkie talkie-type gadgets that could pick up your neighbor’s juicy phone conversations. Because the rooms in our humble home are relatively close together, and also because I had very “vocal” babies, no monitor ever truly wowed me enough to bother with. Now in stores, there’s a monitor that isn’t only a listening/viewing device, but a modern-day keepsake.  Baby Moments Digital Video Monitor has the ability to capture up to 50 photos at a time, so you can download them to your own computer and share with co-workers, friends and far-away family members. Then, when the video monitor isn’t being activated, you can use this multitasking tool as a picture frame to show off your favorite shot of your baby in action–even if she should be sleeping. As far as trying to catch the dirt on your neighbor’s love life, well, you’re on your own with that one…

    In a Nutshell: Caught on camera: your baby won’t be able to a do thing without you seeing it firsthand on this hi-tech monitor.

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