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    My 1st grader is zipping through Junie B. Jones. Having recently developed a voracious appetite for reading, she is devouring nearly every book she can get her hands on…and I couldn’t be more delighted. Since my husband and I are true bookworms, we’ve happily passed along this gene and helped cultivate it over the last 7 years. There are times, of course, when my daughter would rather snuggle up with one of us than read alone, but because we’re hoping to instill more independence in this little girl who we’ve affectionately nicknamed “Glue,” it helps to have a companion for reading time. That’s why the line of book-inspired plush dolls from MerryMakers is a real plus for newly minted readers. From picture book favorites like Olivia and Katy Duck, to the never-boring Joneses (Skippyjon and Junie B.), each character features an expressive face and is detailed right down to the heart on “The Kissing Hand’s” raccoon. Since bedtime is the perfect moment for winding down with a good read, these friends make ideal bedfellows when it’s time to turn out the lights. What better way to head off to dreamland then having read a great book–and having made a new friend?

    In a Nutshell: Reading doesn’t have to be a chore when you’ve got a friend to join you. Take one of these buddies along on your child’s next reading adventure and see if she still puts up a fight at bedtime.

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