• My toddler is frustrated. Not that that’s an unusual occurrence, but it’s because she can’t quite bicycle as well as her older sister. Granted she is not yet 3 years old, but she takes her inability to master new things right away very personally (don’t we all?). When we took the girls out for a bike ride around the neighborhood, the little one was having difficulty grasping the concept of keeping her feet on the pedals; she just wondered rather loudly “why it won’t go?” So we resorted to her dragging her feet (literally and figuratively) as my husband pushed her from behind. Needless to say, his back was killing him before we made it down the street. For parents with aching backs everywhere comes an ingenious new set of wheels designed with the preschool set in mind. The YBIKE PEWI (pronounced “pee wee”) is described as a hybrid walking buddy for kids 9 months-3 years old. It helps little ones develop basic motor and balance skills well in advance of the bike-riding age. Its friendly smiley face design will capture kids’ attention right from the start. Mind you, this isn’t a traditional walker that kids simply sit on and move around using only their feet; the PEWI lets them hold on to it and take their steps, or they can sit right on it. Because they have complete control over their movement, there’ll be less opportunity for frustration. And fewer visits to the chiropractor for you.

    In a Nutshell: Don’t push your tot into pedaling before she’s good and ready. Let your budding bike rider build up her balancing skills with a set of wheels that’s just her speed.

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