• When I hear my daughter utter those famous words, “I have to go to the bath-rooommm,” I cringe. Even though she’s been potty-trained for a few years now, I absolutely dread having to visit public restrooms (and what mother doesn’t)? Forget the fact that they’re filthy, smelly and always crowded; my 6-year-old still holds on to the sides of the toilet bowl no matter how often I remind her to keep her hands to herself. If you’re a mom like me who finds herself in this type of situation more times than she’d like to, you may appreciate gLovies. Aiming to keep germs at bay, these disposable hand covers are perfect for slipping on when making a pit-stop. I was never a big fan of shopping cart covers, which I found cumbersome and could never remember to bring along. gLovies, on the other hand (pun intended!),  are especially convenient as you can stash a pair in your purse and be ready to hit the road. Simply put, they just make bathroom visits a bit more bearable. Now if someone could do something about the smell…

    In a Nutshell: Give your kid a hand and make her next rest stop visit less gruesome and germ-free. Pack a pair for your next road trip.

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