• snug as a bug

    Long after my younger daughter’s arrival into this world, I couldn’t get her doctors’ voices out of my head. “What are you doing all curled up in there?,” they probed during her delivery in the OR. “It’s time to come out.” After a bit of cajoling and a dose of medical magic, she emerged kicking and screaming, and they laughed as they revealed just how tightly she had cocooned herself, refusing to budge and face the world. Smart girl, I thought…Who would want to leave a warm, secure and snuggly place for a cold, bustling and noisy one? It’s this particular memory that makes me think the gunapod is a true gem for any baby–and any temperament. This wearable blanket sets itself apart from others you may have seen with its all-around zipper and extra plush design. Anyone who’s ever tried to put her baby down for a nap will appreciate how easily it is to slip this blanket on without waking her. Ready to bring her outside for a mid-day snooze in her stroller? Simply unzip or unsnap to keep her from overheating. And when the clouds come, zip her back up and she’s protected once again. Diaper changes are also possible without having to remove the gunapod. How great is that? And if you’ve got a wriggly worm on your hands, free up her feet by unzipping and she’s content. And now you can breathe again, too.

    In a Nutshell: Call it the Linus of security blankets. We don’t know who loves the gunapod more: the babies who wear them or the moms who can’t quite remember how they lived without them.

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