• Back strain can bring you down–literally and figuratively. Every spring, I make a point of cleaning out my purse to minimize the droop in my already-slouched shoulders. That’s what years of schlepping around a textbook-laden backpack will to do you. And those diaper bag years haven’t exactly helped matters either. To make whatever bag you’re lugging around town a little less cumbersome, Go GaGa’s Urban Sherpa Strap may just be your new best friend. Even if you don’t want to part with your favorite diaper bag, purse or laptop case, you can still use it by updating it with a strap that evenly distributes the bulk across your back and shoulders. Just remove the current strap and clip the Urban Sherpa one onto the metal or plastic loops at either end of your bag. It makes a big difference, even to these worn-out shoulders.

    In a Nutshell: A shoulder strap that’s pain-free? With this simple, yet effective accessory, you really can take it with you.

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