• My 2-year-old loves playing doctor, and so naturally I have been cast in the role of her most popular patient. Whether she is checking my reflexes (ow, that hurts!) or giving me a shot, it’s all for a good cause: helping her understand the value of practicing good medicine. While her older sister could not be bothered with furthering her little sister’s future medical profession, she does get in on the action with the Smart Heart Pulse Monitor. It’s a creative way to illustrate just how fast the heart pumps. Simply hold the monitor over your child’s heart and press the button. Within a few minutes, you’ll be able to hear an audio computation of how many heartbeats per minute, so you can calculate her pulse. For even more fun, first measure your child’s pulse after she’s been reading and follow that up with a second measurement after she’s been kicking the soccer ball around the backyard. Pretty big difference, eh? Now if only my daughter’s heart would race with anticipation when I tell her it’s time to clean up her room…

    In a Nutshell: Is there a doctor in the house? If you’ve got a resident-in-training in your residence, have a heart and let her check your pulse with this fun gadget.

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