• In another lifetime, both my kids ate their veggies. Not on the same days, of course, nor the same vegetables. If one loved carrots, the other suddenly developed a strong aversion to them. And heaven forbid they both ate their greens cooked; now they demanded their broccoli “raw.” Since I don’t run a farm stand out of my kitchen, I have lovingly adopted our preschool’s motto, “You get what you get, and you don’t get upset,” for dinnertime. And when it comes to screen time, we’ve been noshing on VeggieTales.com, a new site that’s chock-full of interactive games, reading activities and amusing antics surrounding the wacky cast of characters that make up the Veggies Tales. While this gang may be known for content that hints of Christian overtones, this site isn’t heavy-duty on Biblical references (passages are tucked in here and there), but rather focuses on basic tenants of humankind: being good and caring for others. Kids will get a kick out of making their own e-cards, creating bookmarks and playing Veggie Football. Yup, you heard that right. Who knows? Maybe becoming a linebacker in the likeness of a cucumber may just inspire my 2-year-old to eat salad once again (sigh)…

    In a Nutshell: Let your kid get her daily serving of fruits and veggies virtually. Packed with plenty of activities, this site delivers a fortifying feast of fun that nourishes young imaginations.

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