• the year of the hoodie…and pippi longstocking

    It may be the Year of the Rabbit according to the Chinese calendar, but around our house, the Year of the Hoodie prevails. It’s a fashion trend that is carrying over from adult to kid, and has moved off the runways and into the closets of many a family. A stylish, yet casual alternative to the “I’m-so-fed-up-with-sweaters-already” look, we’re noticing hoodies on everyone from hip to be square TV geeks like Leonard from “The Big Bang Theory,” to the modern day Renaissance Man James Franco. Celebrities aside, the hoodie is a look that works for everyone. I love my own navy preppy Polo zip-up peeking out from a fitted denim jacket–a perfect “what, this old thing? I just threw on whatever was clean” excuse. My 6-year-old is loving her own Nike hoodie (show here, in a late-winter eggplant hue) and says it’s “just great” for gym days when overheated schools nix sweaters, but cold temps beg for something more than a T-shirt. This hoodie is extra plush, easy to zip and keeps any fashion-forward tot on top of the trends. And speaking of colder temps, we’d be remiss if anyone left the house without a proper hat. Yup, I’m one of those moms that would rather her kids have hat head than a runny nose that lasts for few weeks. Nike has an adorable version that suits my 2-year-old’s penchant for pink and sparkles (shown here). How can you not smile at those pigtails?

    In a Nutshell: Colder than usual temperatures and murky gray skies are depressing enough. Brighten up kids’ winter wardrobes with Nike outerwear accessories and hooded sweatshirts in hues that hint of an early spring. One can only hope!…

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