• Have you ever been on the go with your baby and not known where you can nurse (or pump) in private? No need to wonder. Medela has come out with an app for the iPhone/iPad that gives you the 411 on nursing. Aptly dubbed iBreastfeed, this app has a Breastfeeding-Friendly Places feature that locates Medela-reviewed and approved nursing nooks across the country. Find one that hasn’t been mentioned? You can add your own 2 cents and comment on your experience at existing locations. On top of this feature, iBreastfeed has a resource guide that includes helpful tips for overcoming breastfeeding challenges and an activity log if you’re so inclined to track your baby’s sleep and feeding schedules. With so much info at your fingertips, you can’t help but feel you’re on top of your little one’s health. And what a good habit to start.

    In a Nutshell: Got yourself in a feeding time frenzy? With this helpful app, knowing where to nurse in peace and quiet is just a few clicks away.

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