• invasion of the kiddie iPad

    You knew it wouldn’t be long before the iPad phenomenon would result in a child-friendly version. This fall, VTech will be releasing its InnoPad educational tablet to give kids that same touch-screen thrill that you experience on your smartphone of choice. With this sleek-looking, sophisticated device, kids will be able to engage in interactive reading, gaming and other activities designed to keep them amused and occupied longer than a Zhu Zhu Pet might. The animated e-books are definite attention-grabbers, offering cutting edge graphics and special effects. There’s also an Art Studio where they can draw and paint virtually–and mess-free. Other bells and whistles that come standard include a calculator, calendar, clock with personalized voice alarm and a friends address book. Now if only we could program it to come when we call them for dinner…

    In a Nutshell: An iPad-esque gadget that your kids will be saying “iWant!” Are you ready for your own Mini Me?

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