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    There’s nothing more I’d like right now than for all of this snow to melt, and for spring to arrive. Anybody with me? Part of the reason I want to get outdoors is to watch my kids try out the new¬† glow-in-the-dark sidewalk chalk and colored bubbles from Crayola debuting next month. This is not your childhood sidewalk chalk–and your kids get to make the magic themselves. Simply mix the colored chalk powder, special “glow activator” and water and then pour into the chalk mold tray. Once it sets (about 30 minutes later), you’ve got your very own Washable Glow Chalk! I’m especially eager to see the illuminating effect on nights when there’s a full moon because we’re situated right across the street from a pond, and the moon casts an amazing glow off the water as it is. Imagine how these colors will pop in the moonlight! We’re also bubbling over with excitement for the Washable Colored Bubbles line. Available in crazy hues like Purple Pizzaz, Wild Blue Yonder and Screamin’ Green, this bubbles are begging to be blown! We think they’ll make a colorful addition to this spring’s Easter baskets. Be sure to hop on out and pick up some for your kiddies.

    In a Nutshell: Drab colors of winter making you and your little ones a little blue? Here are some fun ways to inject a little color into their lives, and a wonderful way to enhance outdoor play.

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