• When my husband decided to paint my older daughter’s nursery, it was a nightmare. Her room, which was a makeshift office for the previous home owner, had peeling, faded floral wallpaper and carpeting that had seen better days. Forget trying to imagine how cheery it would look once he redesigned it in a celestial motif of yellows and blues; you really had to be creative to picture that new layout amidst this dated space. For parents-to-be who can’t quite figure on how a bedding/paint ensemble will appear in their little one’s new home, consider the Nursery Designer tool from Carousel Designs. This interactive site lets you choose from over 300 fabrics and customize color options in bedding and wall space before committing to a specific style. Not sure if the love birds printed bumper will mesh well with a yin yang hue? Check it out virtually and you’ll see for yourself. We love the drag-and-drop ease of making fabric selections and then seeing them come to life in a nursery setting onscreen. If you relish the details, you’ll really go for the extras, like opting for bumpers with or without trim or choosing a floor stain. Then, once you’re set on a design, you save it and hold on to for future use–a great memento for your baby book.

    In a Nutshell: Envisioning a nursery design doesn’t have to be an agonizing decision. Embrace your inner interior decorator and have a ball as you consider your options for your new bundle of joy. Stay tuned for a Design Your Own Baby Bedding contest, coming soon…

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      While you’re thinking of major furniture pieces, a twin bed or daybed is a good idea for those inevitable long nights when you’re up and down with a sick or fretful little one. (Besides, your child will grow into that twin bed almost before you know it!)

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