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    Every mother has her least favorite time of day with the kids and for me, that would be dinnertime, hands down. Maybe it’s because I can’t quite keep up with the ever-changing demands of my toddler who once had a penchant for vegetables and now will hardly eat a crust of bread. My 6-year-old is no bargain either, although she is venturing outside the fish sticks realm and into real (gasp!) fried flounder. I proudly claim to be one of those moms who makes a home-cooked meal almost every school night (barring Pizza Night on Thursdays). I figure since I work from home, I should be able to pull off dinner that doesn’t come from a take-out bag, right? Plus, I secretly relish the fact¬† that my kids are learning to eat “grown-up food” since they started solids. But like any Chef Mom, I can always use some inspiration. That’s why I am savoring the Time for Dinner cookbook that I recently received as a Christmas gift. Written by a trio of moms who are the former editors of Cookie magazine, this book speaks to me like a friend walking alongside me as I cruise the aisles of Stop ‘n Shop. They know the lingo that speaks to harried moms looking to get food on the table¬† (“bribery booty”), and have innovative ideas for experimenting with future foodies (ice-cube-tray-sushi, anyone?). One chapter I’m aspiring to addresses my greatest desire: “I Want to Have a Family Dinner Where We All Eat the Same Meal.” But for now, I think I’ll settle for a meal made from scratch…even if I do have to get up to refill milk glasses for the umpteenth time.

    In a Nutshell: Make a New Year’s resolution to yourself and your family and break out the dinnertime rut. This book will tell you how, even if you don’t know your way around a blender.

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