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    My 6-year-old is already pestering me to buy valentines that she can send to her classmates, but I keep putting her off. I can’t blame her enthusiasm; I was the same way as a kid: always looking forward to holidays and enjoying the experience of finding just the right cards and decorations. (It’s probably why I’m a proud Hallmark platinum card carrier today…). But I know that once those cards are signed and sealed with a kiss, she’ll be anticipating the next valentine-related activity and this year, I’m at a loss…until I came across a fun new craft kit that doubles as a gift for a lucky friend or family member. Petite Sweet Soaps are not only pretty, but they’re easy to make for your school-aged crafter. The kit comes with soft, sculptable clay that you can mold into candy shapes and then top off with icing swirls, hearts, flowers and bath salt sparkles. Once the soaps are to your liking, place them inside candy paper wrappers, nestle them inside the heart-shaped box and finish off with a ribbon and gift card. This is one sweet treat you won’t feel guilty about indulging in.

    In a Nutshell: Almost too good to eat, Petite Sweet Soaps are the perfect sugar-free alternative to Valentine’s Day. A creative confectionery that makes a great gift for a favorite teacher, grandparent or (hint, hint) mom.

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