• When my husband and I took our young daughters on our annual summer vacation, there wasn’t a single piece of baby gear that we left behind: portable high chair, Pack ‘n Play, stroller, ExerSaucer…we were a regular traveling circus of kiddie equipment. There was, however, one item we just couldn’t bring along, and one that caused me more anxiety than it should have. Trying to bathe a young baby in a standard bath is like trying to dress a cat in doll clothes: cute idea, but they just don’t fit right. Keeping my little one upright with one slippery hand became a Herculean feat that I didn’t care to repeat day after day. Believe me when I say this was no vacation at the beach! How I longed for a tub that would fold up as neatly as her umbrella stroller and stow as easily as her porta crib. For today’s new moms, that wish is about to be granted.The Flexi Bath is a revolutionary product in the world of baby bathing that adapts a simple, yet effective design: a lightweight tub that fills up as easy as it folds up. Not only do we love its generously-sized rectangular shape and eye-catching colors, but it fits right inside a standard tub and drains with a gentle tug of the plug. If you’re packing this tub to go, you’ll love that it doubles as a storage bin, or you can fold it up and store it just as you would a flattened cardboard box. Now you’ve got more room for all those souvenirs…

    In a Nutshell: Can’t fit a tub to go in your trunk? Don’t get in a lather; this one’s a perfect fit for any young tot. Just add bubbles.

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