• so long, dry skin

    Ah, the glory of the cold weather….the snow, the ice, the dry air that makes my skin crack and bleed. Once the heat turns on in my house, my hands turn into claws that are so dry, it looks like my cat and I had a fight, and she won. But seriously, eczema and dermatitis are no laughing matter and sadly, my young daughters seem to be ripe candidates for inheriting my sensitive Irish skin. For those families battling dry skin,exederm has a brand new line of baby skincare that can’t be beat. From baby lotion and moisturizer, to shampoo and bath soap, this collection contains no fragrance, no color or dyes, no lanolin and no parabens (if you know your skincare lingo, that means no bad stuff for extra-sensitive skin.) I was so impressed by the line, I sampled some for myself and let’s just say my hands may actually stand a chance of beating out Old Man Winter this year. See for yourself and check out the line, which is now available on Amazon.com and Drugstore.com.

    In a Nutshell: Move over, cocoa butter. There’s a new skincare line on the block, ready to slather on a baby near you.

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