• If you’re headed to the airport with a little one in tow, the numbers 3-1-1 have more meaning than the winning numbers on a Lotto ticket.  No need to frantically search high and low for bottles and containers that comply with the latest travel requirements. (Yes, we know you’ve already been up all night trying to cram enough formula and finger foods into your diaper bag to last until New Year’s). That’s why you’ll really appreciate The First Years American Read Cross True Travel Kit. It’s the one item on your must-pack checklist that makes airport transport a little less taxing on your already-frayed nerves. The see-through bag has all the essentials to get through your cross-country flight. Plus, you’ll win points with the TSA agents because its transparency makes their jobs a whole lot easier. The kit comes with two 3 oz. bottles for liquids, a toothbrush, comb, medicine dropper, five emery boards and a nail clipper. (After all, you never know when an emergency manicure might be in order.) Besides, you’ve got more important things to deal with…like those body scans. Happy trails to you!

    In a Nutshell: The 411 on the 3-1-1? This baby essentials travel kit will make your security check-in a breeze. And who knows? Maybe the TSA agent will even crack a smile.

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