• Back before I wrote for a living, I took a summer job at my hometown’s city hall (does that make it my “homecity?”). Anyway, I remember well a very hot day when a rather stylish young mother was nursing her baby in the place where city officials gathered for public meetings. I was admittedly a bit taken aback, being a fresh college grad and wondering why this woman didn’t seem to care if everyday people coming to pay their taxes could just stare at her. It certainly didn’t help matters that her child was fussing and drawing even more attention to them. I distinctly remember the look on her face that wasn’t just flushed because the A/C wasn’t working properly. I can’t help thinking how she would have really appreciated a Pirose nursing scarf. What I like about this product is the fact that it’s a departure from the breastfeeding shields on the market that are more like bulky blankets that hardly serve the purpose of being discreet. (While the 18-year-old me has since learned there is certainly nothing wrong with feeding your child on demand, even I know that moms with babes in tow don’t necessarily need to feel eyes boring into the backs of their heads; save that for the playground.) Pirose’s designer has done a beautiful job creating a scarf that is not only fashionable, but functional. When you’re not using it for private nursing, you can tie it around your diaper bag or drape it across your stroller for instant shade. I’m betting that had that young mom had a Pirose of her own, she would have been smiling from ear to ear.

    In a Nutshell: Breastfeeding in public takes on a whole new level of comfort. We’ll take a product that multitasks like we do any day.

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