• i can drink clearly now

    When your toddler’s drinking cup has more eye appeal than your stemless wine glass, you know you’ve officially become a hip mom. For years, my eyes have glazed over at the endless sea of character sippy cups that have graced our dinner table. From playful creatures to frolicking animals (why does that cat look so happy, anyway?), whatever could get my daughter to drink her milk worked for me. But when it was time to ditch the handled version for a plan cup,  all bets were off. (Are you feeling my pain?) Well, if you’ve got a toddler who doesn’t relish change, you know you may have a battle on your hands. But what could be more enticing than a big kid cup that looks more like a funky bangle you might sport at a pool party than a receptacle for apple juice? Fluid is one cup that definitely distinguishes itself from the rest of the glassware in your cupboard. Its donut-style shape makes it so easy to grasp, your kid will never miss those handles. As for the dancing bear on her dinner plate, the jury is still out.

    In a Nutshell: For toddler drinking, the choice is clear. Fluid from Boon is the way to go.

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