• a bag for the octomom

    Sometimes, I feel like I understand what it must be like to be an octopus. Between holding my 2-year-old’s hand while managing grocery bags and my own purse, I can still amazingly get my key in the front door. While I may not have as many appendages to master all the feats of the day, a multitasking bag can sure do the trick. The new line of timi & leslie 2-in-1 backpacks are true workhorses that work double time (kinda like us moms). You can either wear the bag as a backpack, or zip up the backpack straps and wear it as a messenger bag. This versatility helps convey that “Yeah, I’ve got my stuff together” look…even if it’s all a ruse. Would you believe these backpacks have 15 (count ‘em) pockets? So great to be able to designate my cellphone to its own spot. Maybe now I can actually get my hands on it when it rings. Then again, if I were an octopus, I wouldn’t have to worry about cellphones (sigh…). Timi & Leslie bags can be found on Amazon.

    In a Nutshell: You deserve a bag that works as hard as you do. Here’s one that looks as good as you, too.

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