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    I’ll admit it: I’m a Ziploc fanatic. Ever since I misplaced my older daughter’s snack cup many moons ago, my 2-year-old has been “forced” to eat her snacks out of baggies. I am forever buying these babies and use them for everything from packing lunches, to disposing of used wipes and tissues. So when The First Years came out with a line of Ziploc sippy cups and straw cups for toddlers, I knew they had me at hello. While my little one can drink without any assistance, she has a penchant for dropping her cups in the backseat, on the kitchen floor…you name it. What a sigh of relief that these cups can stand up to the rough and tumble of a 2-year-old, due in large part to the patented Twist ‘n Loc seal for more secure storage. This is one momma that’s had her share of thrills and spills, thank you very much.

    In a Nutshell: Your toddler may still throw a fit every now and then, but even if she throws her juice, you’ll be able to handle it with these invincible drinking cups.

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    2 Responses to “safe drinking”
    1. Milynda

      I must have gotten a faulty batch becasue I purchased these cups also with excitement but every single one of them have leaked from the first use. The lids do not seal and cause a huge mess and when my daughter turned it over in the floor there was a puddle of milk.

    2. Pamela Brill

      I’m surprised, as in my experience, these cups were leak-proof. Try containing the manufacturer (The First Years) for a replacement set and/or a refund. They are a reputable company, so customer service should be able to assist you. Good luck!

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