• ready to wrap

    You know what comes right after those Thanksgiving leftovers have been polished off and the holiday decorations hauled out of the attic…a seemingly endless season of shopping for gifts. And while you may have your act together this year and have already started taken advantage of all those sales, I’ll imagine gift-wrapping isn’t high up on your priority list just yet. Me too. While I can handle the myriad purchases I’ll need to make from now until New Year’s, it’s the act of boxing and bagging I can do without. Yes, my 6-year-old’s school just finished their giftwrap fundraiser, but alas, I’m sure I’ll run out of supplies before I get through my kids’ presents, let alone the rest of my family. I’m really loving the new line from ellaWrap that takes the work out of wrapping–one most of us so desperately wish we could delegate. Not only are the prints cheery and the chic, but the assembly is practically effortless. Pop your present into the bag, tie with the included ribbon and you’re ready to roll. No fuss, no muss, no cleaning up extra scraps of paper, ribbon and tape. But that’s not even the best part: ellaWrap is completely reusable. In fact, it’s even encouraged with the included Gift Journal that lets you record a gift’s specifics before it gets passed over to the next gift recipient. Score one for the environment and for the family tree.

    In a Nutshell: Never knew wrapping a present could help conserve a tree and preserve your Great Aunt Edna’s fruitcake? Neither did we…until now.


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