• quick change

    I finally decided to bite the bullet and clean out my purse. (Hey, when you have 5 minutes to spare, these are the exciting things we moms do.) Amidst the countless used tissues, gum wrappers and broken crayons was a lone diaper…with a hardened piece of gum stuck to the bottom. It really set me off–not just because it was vile-looking, but because diapers don’t come cheap and this one was headed straight for the trash can. Since I don’t think I’ll ever be one of those moms that can whip out a fresh wipe and diaper packed together–and if you remember my post from last week, you know I love Ziplocs–I can appreciate the convenience of Diaper Buds. These individually-wrapped diapers fit right into your purse or pocket, and are vacuum-sealed so they appear smaller than they are. Once you unwrap them, Diaper Buds expand into a full-size nappy. What’s more, you can use the discarded wrapper to hold dirty diaper until you can dispose of it. Just don’t look to me for a fresh wipe, ok?

    In a Nutshell: No need to toss those diapers that have acquired more lint than your favorite old sweater. With Diaper Buds, you’ll be prepared with a clean diaper at your fingertips.


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