• dirty kids wanted

    A freshly scrubbed child is my idea of banishing those bad-day blues. Changed too many stinky diapers? Cleaned up spit-up from the cat (again)? You and your nose deserve an aromatherapy treat before the day is out. And since kids can’t wash themselves (not yet anyway), I love to use bath products that make them smell like a bed of roses. After all, if I’m going to do the scrubbing, I might as well enjoy the experience. My True Nature’s line of kiddie bath products are so delightful, I actually look forward to tubby time. The 2-in-1 shampoo and bath wash is made from organic ingredients and works on even the most delicate skin. The cute characters on the bottles and the telltale names (Stinky by Nature, for instance) are merely the icing on the cake and are actually a fun way to chat with my girlsĀ  (“What if a skunk really took a bath? Do you think he’d smell any better?”). And when I kiss my daughter goodnight and all I can smell is grapefruit, I’m invigorated to think I can do this all over again tomorrow. A mom can dream, can’t she?

    In a Nutshell: End a not-so-great day on an up note. How can a sweet-smelling child whose ready for bed not put a smile on your face?

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