• all-day sucker

    When my younger daughter was a newborn, a pacifier was her best friend–and mine. Because she only seemed content when it was feeding time, I was desperate to find some way to comfort her (and my ears). Self-soothing was a lesson not easily taught, I quickly learned, and I wasn’t so keen on the idea of giving her a pacifier. (My older daughter hadn’t needed one, so it seemed to indicate some sign of failure on my part as a mother…yes, I was terribly hard on myself.) Today, I would have banished that mommy guilt in a flash if I’d had the MAM Perfect Pacifier on hand. This is the slimmest, most sleek pacifier around, with a nipple that’s only .09 inches thick. If you’re anything like I was and horrible pictures of crooked teeth danced in your brain, then this is the pacifier for you and your baby. In fact, when the folks at MAM designed this soother, they worked with dental professionals to craft a pacifier that would take up the least amount of space in a baby’s mouth to promote healthy tooth and jaw development. Feeling better already?

    In a Nutshell: No need to fret over a baby who prefers his pacifier to…well, just about anything. The MAM Perfect Pacifier can be your little one’s new best friend…next to you, of course.


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