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    When my 2-year-old joins her first independent play group later this week, she’ll have her first experience drinking out of a paper cup at snacktime. That means no sippy, no straw and no top. Maybe I’ve fallen behind in my parenting by not having moved her up to “the next developmental stage,” but she seems happy with her covered drink, so if it ain’t broke… That’s why we decided to give the BabyBjorn Cup a try. It’s essentially a pint-sized tumbler encased in a plastic bottom. What really stands out is the ergonomic design that lets my daughter’s little fingers grasp it easily. Because she loves to experiment with knocking things over–hey, what toddler doesn’t?–I like that it has a wide base and rubber stripping on the bottom to help it stay put. This cup doesn’t just hold liquid; it also works with pureed veggies, mashed potatoes and anything else that can entice her into using a spoon. Ah yes, one parenting battle at a time.

    In a Nutshell: Stuck in sippy cup land? Help your toddler master the art of drinking sans tops, lids and the like with this tough-as-nails cup.

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