• It’s hard to think about a steaming bowl of chicken noodle when it’s 90 degrees outside. Here in the Northeast, we’re about to embark on our 4th heat wave of the summer…and it’s not even August yet! Perhaps today’s re-opening of the infamous Soup Nazi’s NYC shop helps cultivate thoughts of cooler days when a hot bowl of soup hits the spot….ah, wishful thinking. For me, I can’t help but be plagued by the idea of what to cook for dinner (again). If I was the perfect mom, I’d have a freezer full of made-ahead dinners that just need to be unwrapped and heated up. Yeah, dream on. So, it helps when you can turn to something in a pinch that you can feed your family with a good conscience. Tabatchnick Fine Foods knows a thing or two about keeping kids (and grown-ups) nourished. They’ve been in business for over 100 years and, lucky for you, their homemade soups are available in the frozen foods aisle. If the word “frozen” throws you off, consider this: there’s less sodium and you don’t have to worry about BPA-lined soup cans. We sampled their balsamic tomato and rice and loved how easily it heated up from package to bowl, virtually mess-free. The broth was rich and hearty, and there was plenty of rice and veggies in each spoonful. Plenty of choices are available, including gluten-free and organic varieties.Even the Soup Nazi might be envious.

    In a Nutshell: Need dinner on the table fast? Put away the take-out menus. These low-on-salt, big-on-taste frozen soups are real crowd-pleasers.


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