• come on baby, light my fire

    What parent wouldn’t relish one room in the house that doesn’t scream “baby?” I know my husband wishes there were more places in our home that weren’t all about kids–from toys spilling out of otherwise-concealed storage bins, to outlet covers galore, there is clear-cut evidence that yes, we have young children living here. Because we consider our dining room a prime entertaining spot, with our fireplace and seating area, it’s one space that begs for practicality, but that must still be safe for prying hands. Jamboo Creations takes the sting out of childproofing with HearthSoft, a makeshift fireplace cover that doubles as a comfortable seating area. It’s made from a flame-retardant poly-foam material that slips right over a hearth, without requiring any special assembly. It wipes clean, which you’ll really appreciate when your little one manages to spill her juicebox. But what you’ll really love is how much it’ll make you feel…well, like a grown-up. And some days, that’s frankly all you’re asking for.

    In a Nutshell: Say goodbye to those useless foam rubber safety corners that are always popping off, and enjoy a fireside story safely with your kids.

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