• I can hardly wait until our annual summer road trip with the kids….NOT! The thought of being confined to the same closed space with my 6- and 2-year-old (and my husband) is enough to make my blood boil (OK, I’ll keep hubby out of my insane thoughts). If you’re like me, you’re desperate for any little thing that will make your family vacation a tad more enjoyable. Travel games that can fit in my pocket give me goosebumps. Pint-sized coloring book/crayon sets put a smile on my face. Imagine then what an all-inclusive road trip kit will do for my happiness quotient! In celebration of the season of traveling with the kids, Evenflo is offering the Ultimate Savvy Parent’s Car Kit, along with the release of its Momentum 65 DLX Convertible car seat. If you are admittedly one who always forgets something, then this is the treasure that will take the rage out of your road trip. Packaged in a portable pouch are:

    • $25 gas gift card (a little treat for mom and dad)
    • Moist wipes (for quick car clean-up)
    • Baby mirror (to check out your rear-facing baby while driving)
    • Soft book (to secure safety of passengers when thrown during tantrum)
    • Kid/parent-friendly CD (to inspire a family sing-along–even during those “what-was-I-thinking-about-5-hours-in-the-car” moments)
    • Car dustbuster (for hunting down Cheerios between seats)
    • Window shade (to keep the hot summer sun out)
    • Animal crackers and a snack trap, to curb cravings
    • Car organizer (to keep it all arranged neatly!)

    If this kit gets you as excited as a one-way ticket to Maui (sans kids), then send an e-mail to The Talking Walnut. Evenflo will provide a kit to the first parent who responds. Good luck, and happy trails to you…

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