• look, mom, no cavities!

    My 2-year-old takes to her Thomas the Tank Engine toothpaste like a fish takes to water. Too bad brushing her teeth is more like pulling teeth. She spends more of her time sucking on the bristles than anything else. And since her last few baby teeth appear to be coming in, gnawing on her toothbrush has taken on even greater pleasure. How I wish we’d gotten our hands–and her mouth–on the NUK Healthy Start sooner. The training toothbrush set has everything you need to get started practicing good oral hygiene: a cleaning trainer to gently massage and soothe her achy gums, a brushing trainer for cleaning her teeth, and a protective ring that limitsĀ  just how far she can push the brush into her mouth. Translation: less sucking, more brushing.You’ll like that these tools are BPA-free, too.

    In a Nutshell: Brush up on practicing good oral hygiene for your little one. She’ll thank you later for fewer cavities now.

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